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Defoaming Furnace

Furnace for Investment casting & Lost Foam Ceramic Processes

Defoaming Furnace for Lost Foam Mould Sintering
Thermocol patterns are used to make ceramic mould by slurry process. moulds are dried in an oven for two hours for removal of moisture.

The molds are subjected to sudden heating at 10500 C in defoaming furnace which give rise toxic smoke fumes. Moulds are heated for one hour. The fumes pass through after burner chamber – recuperator, cooled with water in quencher, passed through Ventury Scrubber, Demister, sucked by ID fan and vented off through chimney meeting national ambient quality norms. All automatically done by PLC, HMI, SCADA.


Burn out Furnaces (Investment Castings)
The wax patterns are used to make ceramic moulds by slurry process. After recovery of wax moulds are heated gradually to 10500 C in burn out furnace to burn the wax & acquire strength to moulds.

  • Single chamber box furnace.
  • Twin chamber box furnace.
  • Rotary hearth continuous furnace.
  • Pusher type continuous furnace.
  • LPG/Diesel fired with secondary air


Leach out Furnaces
Ceramic material sticks to castings at in accessible portions can be removed by inserting the casting in a red hot caustic solution. Special Leach out furnaces are designed & supplied by Dhanaprakash.


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