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Automated batch ovens for core

  • Oven with hot air Burner. Or electrical.
  •  Fuel-Diesel/Kerosene/LPG/NG.
  •  Combustion complete and concealed.
  •  Applications-Foundry core ovens, powder coating ovens, powder coating, paint baking, burnout, drying etc.


Continuous On Line Core Ovens

Mold drying technology

  • Hot air generator based.
  • Directly fired/heated with forced convection.
  • Continuous – slat conveyorized.
  • Trolley movement mechanism.
  • Pallet movement mechanism.

Accurate temp. control, uniform core drying, minimum core handling.


Mold drying technology

  • Online single mold drying
    Flask/ flaskless molds passing over a belt , slat , Roller , pallet are heated for acquiring full strength , painted , again reheated for coat drying .simple two station system on your conveyour works effectively.

  • Online tunnel mold drying.
    Flask / flaskless molds loaded on slat conveyour pass through a tunnel heated by electric power / gas / Oil with strong recirculation  dry the molds in just 30 minutes. accurate temp. control provides best drying of mold surfaces. PLC controlled system provides link with up and down line equipments.

  • Portable mold drying for large molds.
    Large Molds are normally kept on floors.A portable hood type insulated cover with    hot air nozzles dry the mold surfaces quickly and effectively.
    Mold driers up to 5M X5M are available.

  • Closed mold drying.
    Dried mold pickup moisture from at most spare or from mold packing glue
    This moisture also creates rejections hence closed mold drier is used.
    Electrical / Gas fired hot air generator with booster blower mounted on trolley  with faxiable hose pipe to pump hot air into the runner of the mold hot air passes to each and every cavity discharges from riser holes .
    Required temp. can be set and maintain


Exothermic Sleeves Baking Oven

  • Exothermic sleeves baking is a critical operation.
  • High moisture content allow heating at high temperature till it becomes dry. Then temperature is required to be reduced for baking.
  • An automatic cycle control provides this feature with very good uniformity at optimum heating cost.
  • Proven application.
  • Replaces electrical heating.


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