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Sand Reclamation System

Mechanical Sand reclamation system

  • Chemically bonded foundry sand after metal pouring can be partially or fully reclaimed for reuse.
  •  Mechanical sand reclamation.
  •  Thermal sand reclamation.

After knockouts Sand lumps are fed to a lump reducer “Vibraclaim” where due to vibratory gyratory motion lumps abraded with each other to release the original sand grain.

The abraded sand grains and fines are then fed to classifier, where mixture is fluidized to remove fines.
If sand lumps are hot water cooled tubes are used to cool the sand.
Dust collection system collects all fines which are disposed off.
Above system is used for mechanical reclamation system. for small foundries.


Thermal sand reclamation

  • Chemically bonded foundry sand after metal npouring can be partially or fully reclaimed for reuse.
  • Mechanical sand reclamation.
  • Thermal sand reclamation.

When sand to metal ratio is high and total quantity of sand replenishment goes high thermal sand reclamation is used to eliminate the waste sand and stop buying new sand thus double environment impact.

The thermal reclamation starts with mechanical reclamation. The mechanically reclaimed sand is pass through calciner to burn off the chemicals to get reclaimed sand which is better than new sand.

This technology is suitable for:

  • Nobake sand
  • Cold core sand
  • Shell sand



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