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Refractory Hearth Continuous Melting Cum Holding Furnace

  • Automatic burner and recuperator.
  • Bath temperature controlled.
  • Tremendous cost saving in melting.
  • Applications- gravity die casting, rotor die casting.


Dry hearth Melting Crucible Holding Furnace

  • For the molten metal requirement of 100 – 300 kg. continuously.
  • Separate melting zone.
  • Molten metal passes to crucible heated from outside.
  • Accurate temperature control.
  • Flue of crucible passes through melting zone to recuperator.


Bath Tub Type Crucible Furnace

  • Continuous Cast Iron Bath Tub Type Crucible Furnace for Aluminum Melting Cum Holding.
  • Ideal for Pressure Die Casting where Iron Allowed.
  • Recuperator and Internal Heat Recovery.
  • Heavy, Strong, Rugged Construction.
  • Fully Automated.
  • Bath Temperature Controlled.


Aluminium bale out furnace

Crucible type electrical / LPG / Natural Gas / Oil fired, Melting and holding furnace for pressure die casting, die casting, low pressure die casting. These furnaces are now fitted with recuperator for recovery of heat.


Aluminium Flash Annealing

Flash annealing of aluminium rolled / formed products is an important operation for utensils, pressure cooker, collapsible products. Aluminium products are heated and suddenly cooled to acquire required properties. The designs changes from case to case basis.


Batch Flash Annealing Oven

Circles, Plates loaded on trolley inserted in a box Oven, heated by electrical LPG or diesel. Twin trolleys with two door Oven is most popular design with strong recirculation.


Continuous Mesh Conveyor Oven

Mesh belt conveyor Ovens provide good results with heavy section, if cooling to be incorporated the length increases.


Continuous Roller Conveyor Oven

Small slugs related products are loaded in to baskets and passed through an Oven continuously and cooled outside.


Continuous vertical flash annealing Oven

    1. In this latest technology the plates and Circle remain in vertical condition, length wise. Only top and bottom edges touch the conveying system resulting into scar less annealing.
    2. The use of these furnaces dimensions' shrink to minimum, width wise, height wise material can be loaded quickly and easily.
    3. This enables induct excellent uniformity so the properties.
    4. Higher production capacity.
    5. For flats – curricle, plates, cassette type loading unloading take place.
    6. Cooling within the Oven is also incorporated.
    7. Electrical Gas fired versions are available.
    8. PLC/SCADA Control temp. And movement mechanism management synchronized for the process.

Ageing Oven

The solution treated aluminium products are further subjected to precipitation Harding. Some products are directly aged. Sealed trolley Ovens are used with electrical / LPG heating system with forced draft recirculation   for long time provides Ageing of the materials.

Aluminium Chips Drying and Magnetic Iron Separator

Typical Aluminium Chips contain magnetic Iron Material which sticks to chips due to Oil and Water used during machining.; Hence Chips are required to be dried to make it free from oil and moisture, which is then passed over a highly sensitive Magnet with vibrating screen.

  • Initial Fe Content-0-50%.
  • Final Fe Content-0.5%.
  • Typical Batch-200 Kg.
  • Continuous rotary dryer & magnetic separation.
  • Refractory Lined Rotary Drier.
  • Fully Automatic Gas/Oil Burner Controlled.
  • Vibrating Feeder for receiving and discharging of dried chips.
  • Highly Sensitive Magnetic Drum for separation.
  • Automated System.

Ideal for Aluminium foundry with Machine shop.


Decoating and Melting of lightweight aluminium scraps

  • UBC cans shredded scrap is passed through the rotary furnace for removing/burning paints effectively.
  • Low cost.
  • Continuous plant.
  • Turbo technology - unburnt gasses passed through Burner for complete burning.
  • Smokeless, Pollution free.
  • Appropriate temperature control, No Overheat, No oxidation.


AI- Heat Treatment Furnace

  • Batch Box Type Furnaces.
  • Drop Quench Furnace as per AMS 2750 and API 6A.
  • Accurate temperature controls ±50C.
  • Quenching in less than 10 sec.
  • Fully Automated, no manpower required.
  • Suitable for Aerospace Component Heat treatment.

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