Controlled Heating

  • Combination of combustion devices, Electrical Heating elements and programmable controlling system


Auto Cycle Control

  • Product heating / Cooling Profile


Rapid Quenching

  • Jobs cooled @ 800ºC / Min and Qenching in 30 Sec.


Uniform Heating

  • Every inch of heated volume acquires uniformity.
  • Combination of pulse firing & high velocity of combustion device.
  • Intensive recirculation of furnace gases.


Perfect Combustion

  • All combustible materials oxidised.
  • No carbon monoxide.
  • No unburnt hydrocarbon (smoke).



  • Automatically saves cost



  • Results achieved are indicated in attached time temperature graph for controlled heating & uniform heating.
  • Smokeless systems certified by Authorities.
  • Costs Saved for large number of customers.

Our Graphs generated from our furnaces at site


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