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Combustion Devices

High Velocity Burner for Furnaces

Replaces Electrical Heating for Cost Saving & Quality Enhancement
  • Churning.
  • Circulating.
  • Thrusting.
  • Penetrating.
  • Pulsating.
  • Driving.
  • Fully Automatic.
  • Fuel- HSD/ Kerosene/ LPG/NG /Bio CNG
  • Complete combustion, smokeless, high velocity short flame.
  • Compatible to on/off, PID, Multi Input, Multi Output PLC controller.
  • Offers excellent uniformity as per API 6 A standard.

Applications- All high temperature automatic furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, Pot furnaces, wire annealing etc.

Diesel, Gas, Dual fired, Radiant Burners for Industrial Application based on following


  • Perfect combustion (100%).
  • Appropriate combustion.
  • Process - Combustion Physical Separation.
  • Excess air Control.
  • Fuel & Air On/Off.
  • High Convection Turbulence, Churning of furnace Gases.
  • Compatible to any PID, PLC, VLCC control system.
  • Burner & Furnace match for each other.


Combustion Automation

  • Each Burner has Burner Sequence Controller for operation.
  • Flame Sensor.
  • Separate Burner Control Panel.

Temperature control Automation & Recording

  • Compatible to PID, PLC, Micro controllers.
  • Std. 8 step Ramp Soak Profile & 10 Profile memory or more.
  • Complete Safety - PLC control.
  • Paperless Graph on HMI, PC Connectivity.


Heat Treatment
- Electrical Bogie Hearth, Tempering, Normalizing, Hardening- Tempering, Atmosphere controlled,
Blueing, Burnout, Wire Annealing.

Aluminium Industry
- Holding, Solution Treatment, Ageing, Ovens, Flash Annealing, Collapsible Al Product Processing
Al-Cu-Brass, Billet Heating, Wire Annealing.

Ceramic Glass
- Enamelling, Glass, Lustre.

Surface Coating
- Copper Wire enamelling, Teflon Coating, Powder Coating, Paint Baking, Stator Enamel Baking,
Submerged Tank Heating, Resin Coated sand mixers.

- Foundry Core baking, food products, granule drying.



  • More than 2000 Burners in operation,
  • More than 200 Retrofit Applications,
  • Installations using these Burners 150 Heat Treatment Furnaces,
  • 200+ Ladle Preheaters.
  • 200+ Other Foundry/Forging Equipments,
  • 2 Nos. 100MT Heat Treatment Furnaces.

Committed to Customer - Satisfaction driven performance package of concept to commissioning


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