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Solar Hybrid Furnace

Hybrid Furnace Solar + Gas

Solar Power can be directly (DC supply) used for Heating Furnaces during daytime. These furnaces are also fitted with Automatic gas burners. As solar energy reduces, gas heating starts. Solar retakes over next day morning. This combination of SOLAR+GAS reduces operating cost up to 60% compared with Government Power supply tariff. The Cost of Investment is recovered in less than a year or even less if 100% depreciation is availed.



  • 100 kW Heat Treatment Furnace needs 624 sqmt panels to be mounted on the roof/open space facing south.
  • No Inverter. No Battery required.
  • Approx. 800-1000 kWh (Units) are generated which will directly heat your furnace.
  • If solar power goes short than required for process, gas burners will automatically start and makeup the heat.


Most Recommended for:

  • Heat Treatment Furnaces.
  • Aluminium melting, holding, Annealing Furnaces
  • Powder Coating, Paint-Baking Ovens
  • Core, Mould Batch or Continuous Ovens.


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